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Thread: Norton Ghost 2003 Help!

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    Hi People,

    I got sick of performing clean installs of windows XP and other software every couple of months. So I just got norton ghost 2003 and installed on my PC, did a clean install of windows and all updates and then installed all the software i required onto my hard drive that has two paritions C and D. I then made a ghost copy of my C parition onto CDs. This went through ok.

    to check if it would work properly, i tried restoring the ghost copy made back to my C parition, which seemed to go ok too. after the process completed, i found that all my data from the D partition was erased. i dunno how this happened or whether i made any kinda mistake in the process.

    Does any one know how to ensure that the ghost copy is restored to only a particular partition and does not affect data anywhere else.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    The last time I read the ghost_guide.pdf file, all that information was there. If you have that file, read it, its all there. In the meantime, why don't you just back up the entire hard disk instead of just backing up C: partition? Then you've got both on disk, which is better anyway. Also, my ghost came with an image integrity checker, there is no need to erase your hard drive to check the image.

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