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Thread: Next Games Your Getting

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    today i just bought me amped 2 been wanting that for a while im gonna pick up my gta double pack for xbox 2morrow, then next week im getting counter strike for xbox

    during all that ima download ROTK for pc, CS for pc, and whatever comes out i guess

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    May 2003
    wow with all that money i could buy a brand new video card

    oh well who am i to judge...

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    Apr 2003
    i would get ROTK for pc but, i tried the demo and my card isnt compatible,then it crashes...

    but im waiting for dead to rights pc

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    Feb 2003
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    *Waits very...very......very patiently for HL2*

    I can't think of any games on my list to buy soon. Halo would have been a buy if it's porting was any good . Although I'm sitll trying to get a server up heheh. It's definately not worth buying though.

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    I am seriously considering buying Tiger Woods 2004 on PS2, or maybe NBA Live 2004 because I haven't actually bought any games in quite a while.

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    Sep 2003
    cant wait for Knights of the Old Republic PC VERSION&#33;&#33; >_< :teehee:

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    pusher's Avatar The New Moral
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    Aug 2003
    Downloading: A better copy of Final Fantasy 3 Rom
    Buying (as soon as I get the modulator for my TV): Geist and another copy of the Legend of Zelda because my nephew ruined my first copy.
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    i havent bought games in i pretty long time...i have d/l a lot...they are all too easy damn it&#33; i beat them in like 10 hours and that is it...what the hell?&#33;

    i am planning on buying HL2, doom 3 when it comes out, and probably CS:CZ
    I already have it and beat it on hard mode, but it doesnt have online...

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    Apr 2003
    --probably going to buy HL2 when it comes out
    --going to buy Empires: Dawn of the Modern World for PC
    --and a new RPG game for PC

    i like to buy all my games so that i can play multiplayer&#33;

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    I m downloading ROTK then War of the Ring

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