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Thread: Bittorent Help!

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    Hi, okay K-Lite is I'm ready for the next level...It seems BT is it (so I've heard) but how the hell do you use it!? I downloaded S-5.8.7 and BT 3.3 I don't know really where to begin....???? How do you search for software and games???

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    you only need S-5.8.7

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    unlike others, i'm not gonna bitch about ur ill-placed topic and not give u help

    if u have bt installed, all u gotta do is go to and find something u like and click on it. choose where u want ur download to go and bt will do the rest. if u think k-lite is good, u don't know what ur missing

    i hate it when we post at the same time

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    and the F>>>>A>>>>>Q for all other questions

  6. BitTorrent   -   #5 I've begun downloading fifa2004 from deviance....but its gonna take 146 hrs to complete d/l....I am running norton do I speed up the d/l??? will it help if i turn off firewall?? other tips would be helpful as well....any links to any other torrent sites??

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    if u gave bit torrent permission for internet access, u should be ok. if ur status light is ALWAYS, not once in awhile, yellow -- u need to disable firewall. it should be green most of the time, if all is well

    there is also a pinned bt guide in Filesharing> Other Filesharing Programs

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    so do you recommend leaving BT on all day all night??? I usually turn off my computer when I sleep or when i'm not on just for security last cpu got hacked.

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    U can leave it on I doubt u will get hacked again.

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    See below ;)
    I would !NOT! turn your Firewall off! That will leave you very vulnerable to hacker's! I did a reformat on Monday and before i'd even got my Firewall reinstalled I got a virus placed on my HD whilst it was vulnerable. Really pissed me off that i'd only just finished reinstalling and got it within second's of having done so.

    Just make sure you've got your Firewall correctly configured for BitTorrent and you should be ok.


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    how do you configure your firewall for BT... do I only allow traffic coming through ports 6881-6899??? currently I just allow all traffic for BT....and another question, I've completed d/l of call of do I install it?? I have multiple rar files as well as a .bin and .cue file....also I have nero 6... do i burn it as an ISO??? and does it matter which file I select??

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