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Thread: What is better to use "div" or "tables"?

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    I agree with what has already been said within this post.

    DIV's are for layouts, tables are for holding tabular data.

    There is no compromise, if you know your way around web design and development, you would never use tables for anything other than holding data. DIV's are the way to go as they look cleaner, heavily customisable and look more professional when people view the code.

    Thats my 2 cents at least

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    I prefer <div> tags. Why? Because with them are more easy to work.

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    Table is quickly coding than div + css . But it's make website heavier . Div run faster and better in Seo .

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    When I see a website made with tables a cringe and have a hard time taking the entire site seriously. It's just so outdated and unnecessary. Divs provide so many more options and are a billion times better.

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    Div is better than table because Div is flexible than table and in div images are slotted in different module and in table it is not possible.

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    Frames are where it is at, lads.


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    I prefer div tags, much easier to work with imo

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    I'm not designer, but i have some knowledge about "Div" & "tables"

    I think div is better to tables.

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    Sorry dear i don't have any information about designing ....

  11. Internet, Programming and Graphics   -   #30
    use div avoid table

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