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Thread: Mafia Rip

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    does anyone know if mafia has been compressed. if yes, please give me the sig2dat, or the file size.


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    Originally posted by joeyipod@10 November 2003 - 10:55
    shut the fuck up

    at least go and look if they have it

    suprnova doesnt even have the rip they only hve the 2gb game dont just post answers to get your posts up

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    theres prolly one on kazaa but it will take some downloading to figure out if its real and whatnot

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    why would you want a rip, it takes everything out of a game?

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    Originally posted by dogknight@12 November 2003 - 01:46
    why would you want a rip, it takes everything out of a game?
    #1 if it took everything out of the game then what would there be to download?

    #2 rips can help you decide if you like the game w.o downloading it all

    #3 they are better for 56kers


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