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Thread: Halo Bin/cue Bittorent

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    I downloaded the BIN and CUE from Suprnova and put it to disc then installed the game. then i restarted the PC but not when it told me to, i closed that then closed my other problems then restarted.
    When i played the game it was sluggish, now i do not expect this with a
    P4 3.2Ghz Hyper Threading
    512MB RAM
    256MB nVidia gForce 5600
    200GB Hard Drive
    I also have a 512k ADSL that is what i downloaded with. I used Bittoent and it took 4 hours. COuld someone help me and tell me why it is sluggish and lagging on single player mode.

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    There are isuses with the playability on halo.

    Have you the latest drivers for your video card?

    Try searching on google to see if anyone else has similar problems,there might be an update patch out.

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    turn off vsync in game and also on ur card if u can this should fix ur prob if not try turning off decals or something.
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