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Thread: Playstation 1 Vs Nintendo Sixty Four

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    Me and some other friebnds were having a heated discussion about which was better the friend who reffered the N64 was using graphics and technological superiority in its defence but don't the games and gameplay make playstation better

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    stfu. if gameplay won it. nintendo won anyway

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    Maybe on planet Dave but on the real world the playsatation kicked the N64 to the kirb

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    Wise Kvcd Maker/PIMP
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    64 had better graphics but not that many hard-core games and PS1 had more games I say 64 tho as for a person who has both.

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    actually i thought the Playstation had better graphics - the smeared look of the N64 made me squint all the time
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    n64 easyly. playstation just had about a million games and they were all shit. n64 had sum v. gd games(goldeneye, perfect dark, conkers bad fur day) where as playsation just had millions of shit games. ooooooooooooo yes i must buy the next dance matt game!!! yeah woteva.

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    Games = Playstation B)

    Graphics = Nintendo 64

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    nah u people r not looking at it right

    basically if u have friends n64 is da best because of the great m-player games

    for people who r lonly single player greats like mgs and ff7

    i have both and i play both if i have people round i play 64 if i dont i play ps2

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    psx way better games

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    ninetendo was so stupid in wrestlemanio 2000 the guys were made of boxes, they had boxe hand, box muscle etc ps1 had those kind of graphiccs in 1996 when final fantasy 7 wwas made lol so 4 years of leading in graphics

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