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Thread: Question About Sims Expansion Packs

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    I have the sims and the sims house party bought version.

    Is it possible to download expansion packs on K-Lite and make them work on my retail version?

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    Sims were good for about a week... then you had to kill them.... over and over. It should have ended at the first game. Dont waste ur time / money
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    is everything.
    If you go to suprnova you can get the Sims with ALL the expansion packs but like Hellfire said it's probably a waste of your time, this is one of the most overhyped games I've ever played...

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    It's possible, you'll just need to get a CD image instead of a rip.

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    some expansion packs are on suprnova

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    i downloaded hotdate and living large both works except when a person dies it jumps out to windows


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