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    Can you please click on this link


    its for a game called Kings of Chaos and when you click on it and follow the instructions I get a new soldier for my army, it only takes like 2 seconds.


    (that is if any one actually reads this post)

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    Originally posted by K-Lite Board Rules
    3. Spam is not permitted in any form. Any posting or messaging of junk content is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: unsolicited advertising, deceptive links, repetitive postings, postings or messaging for the purpose of commercial or personal gain, links to online popularity game sites (i.e. outwars, kings of chaos, Porn Star Guru, etc.) This also applies to content in signatures and avatars. Any questions or requests related to this subject may be sent to the forum administrators.
    Don't expect anyone here to help out (bar the gullible )

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    Illuminati already posted the board rules, thanks!



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