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Thread: Tricky?

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    After endless hours of trying to fill-in my VHalen collection, I noticed some song versions that I never knew existed...Well, WTF? Need I say more?? Of course, I started to fill my wish list and impatitently waited for the downloads ( @ around 2 F*&^%*ing AM&#33...Finally...completed..I felt like a kid on christmas morn. Opened one up titled "Van Halen w/ Axle Rose 5150 Live"....Ah..but if you listen will hear "sample"...What in the F)(*&^k is that? Well, I went to the website of a copy band with their bios, etc, etc...So what is my ask?.......Your music is very good....your 'renditions' are fine......BUT DO NOT ADVERTISE YOURSELVES AS VHALEN,etc to gain fan them what they are...."Tributes"....Damn shitheads anyway....I'm out...Later....

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    I have all Van Halen already.


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