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Thread: Cant Go On To "next" Pages On Yahoo

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    If anyone else cant go to next pages in yahoo, like me, here is your problem.

    I dont know if this is kaza lite's doing, but in your hosts file, under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\drivers\etc, you have something like

    About 5 times in there. My guess, a spybot of some sort, but anywho, all you have to do is delete these, and you'll be fine. Same thing if you cant go to other pages or websites.

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    You can also get a good working hosts file @

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    Thank you ive been trying to create a sub account on my SBC yahoo DSL and i was wondering why the page came like that! (i never would have guessed )

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    ok i used to have this problem but is all sorted now so if you need help pm me i may be able to help
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    My Yahoo Games all of a sudden refused to load past the game selections page.
    Couldn&#39;t figure it out, but it was definitely the hosts file.

    Gotta have those lovely java games that really put my 9700 pro to work&#33;


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    What kind of download/upload rates are you getting off of yahoo dsl? About my max seems to be 10...


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