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Thread: Is This Possible?

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    Raped Ape
    geting a modem better then 56k without having to pay monthly charges?

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    bigdawgfoxx's Avatar Big Dawg
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    Apr 2003
    You can buy whatever kind of modem you like, u spend money on the service provider. You have to pay for the service not the speed of the modem really
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    You can buy a v92, however, a 56k is just as fast.
    If you're looking for speed it's time to move up to broadband.

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    I dont knwo if u can steal bandwidth, but u can steal cable.

    I have Cable internet service, and i tapped into the line and attached it to my tv-tuner and i got FREE cable TV. But now i need a descrambler.

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    Raped Ape
    well my parents wont buy me broadband....i guess ill be the last person with 56k

    wats speed of v92


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