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Thread: Suggestion - Exclusion

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    Plz make a box of exclusion words for every search (in the More Search Options).
    (The filter is kinda permanent so it's tiring to add and erase words in every search..)

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    Exclusions is a great idea. I vote for it.

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    me too. that's a great idea.

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    So, let's enhance it to do also AND/OR and Partial string (using wild card char).

    i.e.: 24 S03* | S02*
    - for finding all episodes of seasons 2 & 3 of "24" TV series .

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    I'm glad you think that way

    And please make the developers concider my suggestion of multiple searches at a time, again. :-"

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    Ohh and the suggestion of setting both minimum and maximum size in one search


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