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Thread: Real Player

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    I dld a copy of real player but it doesnt work, so i tried to uninstall it and then try reinstalling it. But it keeps saying uninstaller component missing and now i cant uninstall it. The system restore points hadnt set b4 i installed it neither so i cant use that. I even tried advanced uninstaller but 2 no avail. can any1 help PLEASE

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    reinstall the program, then uninstall it

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    I have allso tried that, reinstalled and tried to uninstall but nothing, just keeps saying unistall component missing

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    get Real Alternative

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    cheers that will definately help...but it doesnt say where to dl it it just gives you description

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    delete the realplayer folder and re-download it then install that?

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    cheers both of you for your help, dld the real alternative and will try n delete the folder. thanks guys


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