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Thread: How Do I

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    How do i use a pic in my shared folder as my signature photo?

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    read topic

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    Originally posted by Mr. Man@10 December 2003 - 16:30
    read topic

    Just drag the image file into your shared folder.

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    cmon, i need help, i just got k-lite and don't know much

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    sorry, i didn't make myself clear, i have a picture in my shared folder that i want to post on the boards, how do i do it?

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    is everything.
    edit: on second thoughts you're only going to post pornographic pictures on the board... so no help from me...sorry.

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    Mr. Man: You're pathetic, anyone who has trouble using Kazaa Lite needs to rethink using the computer again, ever. It's the easiest program out there to use to download files, and that's what makes it so annoying, it gets filled to the brim with computer illiterate people like yourself. You can't post things from your hard drive!

    Try using an image host, I'll make you work to find one.

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    use a pic in your shared folder as a sig???

    Don't think that's possible.
    Why do you want to do that anyway?

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    it needs to be online somewhere, silly

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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