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Thread: Very Important News For All K-lite Users!

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    Ok, that is what I've found - and I am really concerned.


    Sharman Exterminating Kazaa Lite K++
    December 6, 2003
    Thomas Mennecke

    Today, Kazaa Lite K++ fans discovered that virtually every download mirror of this client has been eliminated, including links on its home page. Sharman went to the ISP of every website that hosted Kazaa Lite K++ and ordered its removal via the DMCA. Any mention of Kazaa Lite K++ on the homepage has been ominously replaced with links to eMule, BitTorrent and SoulSeek.

    Guys, that is bad but there must have been people who downloaded the whole
    original site + english version of kazaa! Is there anyone who was the whole site
    I mean the *.html files? and necessary *.js? Can you send it to me! I need the
    homepage of K-Lite - I WANT IT TO SEE ON MY HOME DESKTOP!!!!!

    A representative of Sharman Networks spoke to us on the condition of anonymity regarding their current campaign to vanquish Kazaa Lite K++.

    Not only has Sharman Networks succeeded in eliminating nearly every major resource of Kazaa Lite K++, they are systematically forcing it off the network.

    How you ask?

    Recent upgrades to Kazaa clients (2.5 and higher) make them less tolerant with outdated or non official clients such as Kazaa Lite K++. Kazaa Lite is based on a version prior to 2.5, therefore a current supernode will not accept its shares. Although this will cause network headaches in terms of traffic, the client will not be able to participate or download off the main FastTrack network. This will effectively cluster and isolate all modified Kazaa clients from FastTrack.

    Well, won't Kazaa Lite clients simply form their own sub-FastTrack network?

    Sounds nice, but no. Unfortunately, the developers of Kazaa Lite helped Sharman out tremendously by disabling the supernode function. Very few users who run this client are acting as supernodes. A decentralized P2P network with all clients and no supernodes cannot exist. The effects of this extermination is already taking place, as search times and connection times are deteriorating compared to K+ (the legitimate spyware/adware free version of Kazaa.)

    Ok Guys, come one: everyone who has a faster computer or normal one turn on
    the SUPERNODE Function - I will do so!!! And beside: I am looking since Audiogalaxys closing for a small client! But the best client for p2p would be a CLIENT which is small (some 800KB) and could connect to all major p2p networks:
    Fasttrack, emule, soulseek... so come on!!! I would propgram one client if I would
    have the knowledge like some of you but it is really worth

    But I will at least turn on the Supernode function next times... Especially I am only
    online on Sundays in these days.

    As time progresses, the Kazaa Lite K++ client will become so unusable that its populace will be driven off the network. This latest act from Sharman punctuates a long history of hypocrisy that involves the protection of their own intellectual property rights, yet blatantly ignoring the copyrights of others.

    Perhaps RatFaced, a Kazaa Lite K++ forum mod said it best, “Ironic, that Kazaa is complaining about copyright issues, especially as K-Lite ++ stands for everything that Kazaa CLAIMS to stand for... but fails to deliver.”


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    What is this "K+ (the legitimate spyware/adware free version of Kazaa.)" that I keep hearing about?

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    K+ is Sharmen's KMD version without (most of) the spyware/adware. You can buy it for US$ 29.95. For that you get NO badipblocker, NO autosearchmore, NO accelerator and a PL of 100 going down fast.

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    Originally posted by doognevets@14 December 2003 - 12:24
    What is this "K+ (the legitimate spyware/adware free version of Kazaa.)" that I keep hearing about?
    K+ is dumbshit in my eyes - Ok, probably it has no ads, but I think it is not
    worth to support a company like sharman which interests are only in economy
    not in sharing, and a company which destroys a part of itself ... K++ is a part of Fasttrack as well.

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    IMHO K++ and most P2P progies have steadily slid downhill in the past year...Virii, Trojans, Mis-named programs, corrupt files, looooong waits WTF are people thinking, whats the first thing you do when you download a program??? You use it don`t you??? Wouldn`t it make sense to delete "download X" it if it wasn`t what it was supposed to be or held a payload.. I know this is more of a rant than anything and is posted in the wrong thread, but WTF.. I just wanted to get my $.02 worth in before I wiped this P.O.S. P2P progie from my HD.. Never again will I waste Bandwidth/Electricity/Time using ANYTHING in anyway conected to Sharman Networks, who like so many others have sold out to the mighty $

    G`Bye, G`Riddance..

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    internet news where the hell have u been the last 2 weeks?

    we've been discussing that ever since

    sharedholder even put up links offered by klite forum member free for download.

    this is really old news

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    a friend of mine picked up a link to a site where he downloaded a program that
    was an updated version of kazza lite, and preforms exactly as the old version used to with perfect conectability...has anyone else found this??
    if intrested i've got url of site where download was obtained from , however is no longer accesssable!
    i shall be trialing yhis program to morrow. will let you know

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    Originally posted by james_bond_rulez@17 December 2003 - 23:31
    internet news where the hell have u been the last 2 weeks?

    we've been discussing that ever since

    sharedholder even put up links offered by klite forum member free for download.

    this is really old news
    Yeah it is.'s posts seem to keep getting worse and worse.


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