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Thread: Uhuhu! Sharman Is Saying Confusing Stuff,

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    I just have had a look on, and it is really confusing me and really extraordinary:

    "... Who's Trying to Stop It and Why?
    Kazaa and other peer-to-peer applications have been under attack from the major Record and Movie companies and their industry bodies, the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America. The Record and Movie companies are suing peer-to-peer software developers and the RIAA are suing peer-to-peer users. ..."

    These fucking guys from Sharman are saying that Kazaa is under attack and
    attacking parts of kazaa by themselves!

    That really confuses me... But as I say, Sharman destroy itself by shutting down
    the sites!

    They are talking of p2p revolution... hehe... thati sj ust amusing - what they think about ...

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    welcome back :/

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    well said!! They have double-standards.


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