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Thread: Dont Save Local Ip's In Dat Files Tick Box

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    Hello readers

    KLite has a tick box under advanced options called "dont save local IP's in Dat files"

    When I put a tick in the box I get the true IP of the poster but when I remove the tick I get my own network IP address which translates to in the tool I am creating.

    This I understand.

    What I dont understand is how KLite is tranlating the real IP and not my network.

    I also don't understand why KLite has this setting and KPro does not unless it is for the kdat plugin.

    Any answers please or the code to perform this operation would be helpful.


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    If that checkbox is checked, it's possible that a download could lose ALL sources and be unable to get any more. This doesn't answer your question, but just lets you know it's not an entirely beneficial feature.

    Supposedly, it's supposed to delete any source entry which originates from 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x or 172.16-31.x.x -- beyond that, I don't believe it does a thing.

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    Thanks Switeck

    Any input is better than none. It gives food for thought.


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