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Thread: Help! Adult Filter Problems

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    Recently a 9 yr old boy decided to change my password for my adult filter and now claims to have forgotten what it is meaning Im often blocked to download songs with swear words in the title. Which is beginning to tick me off. Would anyone know a way around this without knowing the adult filter password.

    Thanks Adam

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    If you want to Cure the problem and i hope this isnt a reverse role deal like your acting like the Dad but really are the Son trying to get past Dad's Password's... But anyways go ahead and UNINSTALL the program, goto where it was installed.. i.e (C:\Program Files\Kazaa Lite K++) and DELETE the (Kazaa Lite K++) FOLDER also... Download and REINSTALL the newest Version or same version and REDO your password.. Hint make the password alittle longer and add some NUMBERS in also... Hope that your son doesnt know how to use Password Cracker's and Such already at 9 years of age.. B)

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    Opps sorry i thought i read My 9 year old son... But anyways.. Thats a sure fire way to cure the prob..


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