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Thread: Shadow And Cpu Usage!

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    hi guys i am dl 7 torrent files with shadows, and my Cpu usage dosent go below 100%. r there any setting that i can change on or do anything else??

    At "processes" i c that each torrent is using over 23800k, is this normal?

    What Torrent program is the best to use that dosent use so much of cpu? ( i mostly dl more then atleast 5 files at a time).

    Ps: I have a Intel Pentium 4 2.8ghz prosessor, 1 gb ddr ram, and the rest is good to.

    Thanx for your time and help.

    i hope this hasent been asked before.

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    with that many torrents id use nova, ptc or storm. they are designed to handle lots of torrents

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    is during normal downloading or is one of them checking existing data?

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    im sure if i had 300 kazaa's running it would slow my system down....

    like benno said, they will take up a few sources when checking the file

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    hi again,

    thanx for replying, it keeps using 100% CPU usage, even after it has checked existing data.

    i have used ptc and in start i dident have any problems, but later on it alsouses many resourses. how is storm and where can i get it from?

    thanx again guys.


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    same thing happenes to me.. i have a 3.46ghz, 3gig ram but my cpu stays at 100% till i close bittorrent.. and this lame ass peer guardian is usin like 50,000k in the task manager
    i tryed usin bitt on a 466mhz.. and my cpu stays at 100% still

    i had 2MB left on a 1500MB downloaded in about an hour 15mins,..but thats not the point.. it wouldnt download the last 2mb so i deleted bitt ..screw it

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    Use the abc client alot lower cpu usage.

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    Never happened to me.... I use Shadow's Client Experimental.

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    I use TorrentStorm and have no probs.

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    EDIT: you can get torrentstorm from

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    thank you all for your answers.

    wich ine is better to use abc client or Torrentstorm?


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