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Thread: Here Is A Soft Whe Are Working On

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    our community is small but growing and whe are still fixing some small bug here and there but whe are getting there and it is usable at the point where whe are
    if you fell like trying it out please visit us @

    here is a list of feature whe incorporated in it
    Features :
    No Ads , no Spywares, 100% clean
    Search by file extention or by key-word
    Browse and eXplore users shared folders
    Direct contact with user
    Chat, Express messages
    User info, for details of a user
    Private access, share a private password-protected folder
    LAN Support, share files inside/outside your local Network
    NAT / Router Support
    Control of downloads/uploads
    Resume of downloads
    Create your own Chat-Room ( Local Board )
    Auto-resume incompleted files
    Host/Guest start, private sharing between your invited friends

    System requirements
    ExoSee will run on any Windows OS above Windows 95.
    A Pentium 166 with 32 megabytes of RAM or better is recommended

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    aserty's Avatar Poster
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    Jun 2003
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    So what advantages does this have over other programs? Does it have good speeds like K-lite? An awesome GUI like Shareaza? Incredable speeds like BitTorrent? And what type of files does it specialize in?

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    Well speed will depend on who you connect as this is a true P2P
    One of its big advantage is to be able to have private share
    As for the gui whe intended to make the software as lite as possible so that it would not hug memory resource
    File type whell anything you can share true the internet
    Again for the speed it depends from who you are downloading i.e.:i have a good connection and i saw some user do 50-60 kb/sec from my dl but i also did some 5-6 kb/sec from some user but yes i have yet to see some 200 kb/sec but hey all in good time
    as i said whe are still working on optimyzing the soft and adding new option so its content will get better as whe move on

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    Sep 2003
    cool always lookin at new p2p proggies, as long as theyre ad/spy free
    (hey, i saw a "smart skins" link on the menu, that mean its skinnable too?)
    even if noone else seems interested, plz keep me up to date on developments
    you can pm me
    (i know theres a yahoo im icon down there, but i hardly ever
    have it up and runnin, so a pm through this forum or a post in this thread
    is the best for me )
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    thx i am happy that you are interrested ill keep in touch

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    No Dutch version? No Screenshots? If you're trying to lure people in downloading it, at least give some screenshots. I'm always interrested in new p2p progs (must be spyware/adware free), but I want to know a little bit more.
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    sorry about that i did not think about it but here is a screenshot of it with the language selection menu

    sorry i have been trying to post this image but unfortunatly it does not seem to post and yes incase you wonder i did do it using the [IMG] tag

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    nostalgia's Avatar Frequent visitor
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    May 2003
    Northern part of The Netherlands
    Well. the link isn't working but if you're one of the members creating exosee, you can post some screenshots on the homesite.
    -- They tell me tomorrow will never arrive, but I've seen it end a million times. --

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    here you go i dont know what was the problem but i rewrote the image link so i guess i made an error
    sorry about that

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    What network r u guys utilizing?
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