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Thread: Errors!

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    I keep getting error msgs while using BT. typical ones are:

    Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error (10061, &#39;connection refuse&#39>
    Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopenerror (7, "getaddrinfo&#39>

    What do they mean? Why do i keep getting them? plz help.

    (I&#39;m using ABC, tried Shareaza and shadow, more or less the same problem, except the wording in the error msgs are slightly different.)

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    make sure you deselect shareaza as default for torrents

    (options > web - I think)

    use shadows client


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    I get that error sometimes too. It seems to have to do with the client conencting to the tracker. It&#39;s either not finding the site at all or getting a bad return from it. It never seems to affect my d/l very much and it goes away after a little while, so i usually ignore it. Are you behind a firewall or router? that might have something to do with it.

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    well said,

    the torrent is indeed not finding the tracker, but that is most likely because the tracker is temporarily offline, worst case senerio is that the tracker is no longer there... , but most likely it is just fine, give it a few hours... if nothing changes or untill something pops up telling you so (an actual pop-up erro message) you are ok... just wait it out.

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    I just got a new erro message:

    Problem connecting to tracker - HTTP error 403: Forbidden

    this one is the worst so far, since with this i can&#39;t dl at all. From Suprnova or other trackers&#33;
    Plz hlp. how can i solve this?

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    That usually happens when the tracker has been shut down OR when you are banned. That last highly unlikely with SuprNova torrents.

    If you are having this with literally ALL trackers then perhaps your ISP blocked Bittorrent, but I suggest you check ALL trackers before you can come to that coclusion.
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