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Thread: Kvcd Vers Of S.w.a.t

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    Looking for a version of S.W.A.T on KVCD 1 disc only to play in my standalone DVD player ?? please

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    do it your self?
    its really easy and should get good sources on swat by now

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    I do not have the time to encode it myself as my PC is being used for other things. their simply would not be enough processing power to do both at the same time.

    Anybody seen a KVCD version around ??

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    here a code9 release, if its anything like the other releases it should be good
    you need bittorrent to download it, a whole section on it here, get shadows client

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    Appreciate it

    I have Shadows already and I am downloading as I type

    Thank you

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    Just noticed the File Size is 804mb it wont fit to a CD'r will it

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    I try to shoot for 800-825mbs on mine

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    What CD'r you using ?

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    I have one on I think it is still being seeded cause I think code9 just did the screener of telesync.


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