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Thread: Burning Stuff

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    Little bored and wondered if there was anything fun i could do with pyrotechnics (done potato guns but not much else... picolo pete bomb ) Any Suggestions?

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    static hum
    I can tell you how to make thermite

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    Originally posted by Sparsely@18 December 2003 - 00:54
    I can tell you how to make thermite
    tell me
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    Go to your local supermarket and pick up some shellite, pour it across a busy road late at night and light it on fire.

    Then run for your fukin life, no really its good fun, the problem is for me i cant run fast when im laughing my ass off! B)


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    Modifying Fireworks

    I wouldn't try to download the really neat videos for a while, I need to change my host, this one is going down the tubes, that should become obvious if you do try to download a video.

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    sparkler bomb-wrap a bunch of plain grey sparklers in a bundle with duct tape, and leave one half way out from the bundle as the "fuse". be careful you could kill yourself with that one, i don't recommend messing with it, unless you have a death wish, so be careful.

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.


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