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Thread: Firewall Help!

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    Alright, I read that disabling your firewall will reallly help boost your speeds on bittorent. However, when I try to disable the one on my router (linkseys I believe) all hell breaks loose on my laptop and nothing works. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I;m getting tired of the yellow light......

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    You don't need to turn off your firewall. You just need to open Bittorrent's port range, but it will ask that automatically if you have a good firewall.

    What you DO need to do is configure your Linksys router to forward the correct ports. There's a HowTo right HERE
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    The firewall meant is Windows ICF not the one in your router

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    go right here akira, a guide for port forwarding on LINKSYS

    nice one BIC


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