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Thread: Playing Dvd's With Modded Ps2

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    i got a messiah 2 mod chip in my ps2 but i cant play dvds? does anyone know how?

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    that mod chip wont play DVDS its not compatible
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    y cant it play dvd? most games are dvd rom

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    dont worry about it i worked it out,
    so dude your wrong it can play dvds.

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    I'm interested how you sorted this one out?

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    how did you do it, why don't you explain encase someone else has the same problem
    you ask and want others to hand feed you, yet do nothing to help everyone else, its people like you I have the least respect for

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    well im sorry, i didnt mean to piss anyone off, i just thought i would mention that i have figured it out so if anyone was trying to work it out for me they didnt have to worry.coz i didnt want to be one of those guys whos never come back to there post and knowone ever knows what happend. so if anyone is interested this is how you do it:
    1.Insert the DVD movie into the disk tray and put the PS2 in STBANBY (red light) 2.Hold RESET (until the blue light comes on) then release reset.
    3.If the Browser appears, select the gold disk and press X to complete the movie load.
    4.Alternatively hold RESET for 5 seconds to turn the Messiah 2 off.

    I only have to do steps 1 & 2, but if you want the complete booting instructions you can get them here

    Peace B)

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    thanks for the follow up info,

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    lol? is that the big trick? tsk tsk thats what you do with some copied games

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    Originally posted by DWk@19 December 2003 - 09:43
    lol? is that the big trick? tsk tsk thats what you do with some copied games
    lol yea, isnt it the same way u get work? but instead of putting a game in u put a dvd in

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