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Thread: Oficially Two Weeks, And My K++ Still Working!

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    Hey, its been approximately two weeks since Sharman says k++ would die in two weeks, and im not seen any problems. I am downloading a chaplin movie (how many people have old movies in this network??, not much!&#33 and i have a good speed.

    Is there somebody with problems using k++ . Real problems!, no problems about hard to find files been downloaded with a 56k conection B) .

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    no problems here showing 3,394,018 users online

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    -Genesis-'s Avatar Poster
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    Jul 2003
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    Same here, about a week ago i thought we were done for but now there are on average 3,740,000 users. BUT..... shrmen said 4 -6 weeks for a complete wipeout....(I personally think its a stunt to persue people to download kmd 2.6)

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    I haven't experienced any problems myself and I have K-lite running all the time. I have noticed a drop in users online in the past few days but other than that everything has been ok.

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    Ok, i dont remenber if they said 2, 3 or 4 weeks , but its still like there werent any block, except to find the program (well, we have enough mirros aniway) .

    About the users number been lower, i dont think its becouse kmd2.6, but the riaa suits. See when the riaa made a big suit, and you will see a lower number of users too.

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    leeds england
    Hi all
    good d/load here no probs at all.
    one difference it said i was not sharing any files.
    OK now it has come up with 3000 plus so all ok
    cheers Peter

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    No problem at all. By the way, i notice that most users that are uploading are KL users...

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    Yeah as far as I can tell there isnt that much of a change and thats because everyone I know has K++ into their computer because I put it there and I havent heard a single complaint. Well anyways KEEP ON SHARING!!

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    Dec 2003
    Also note that it was a rumour, not a fact!

    Too bad that most people don't see the difference between those.

    But time will tell.

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    Nov 2002
    I haven't noticed anything major yet (although I've seen very low amounts of users at some points - 2.6 million during the day). I agree theres no evidence that Shaman have succeeded (or have even tried) but by all accounts if this is going on it'll be slow to get going (as users find and download v2.6).

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