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Thread: Burning Dvd's

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    ive been trying to use dvd x copy express for a while and ive installed different ones off the net and i have managed to complete step 1 of 2 (saving the movie to my pc) but then the option for step 2 of 2 doesnt appear, the program just closes by itself. I was wondering if there was a way for me to burn these files onto a dvd (the ones already saved on my computer) using dvd x copy, the files were ripped when the option of an exact copy was checked.

    Also what other programs are worth taking a look at for burning dvd's, i want a simple program that can burn dvd's with just one combo dvd burner drive.

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  3. Software & Hardware   -   #2
    DVD Shrink

    DVD Decrypter

    Nero 6


    These are just a few


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