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Thread: Riaa Sues Imesh!

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    RIAA Sues iMesh
    September 20, 2003
    Ciarán Tannam

    The RIAA have launched a lawsuit against iMesh Israel Ltd for Copyright infringement. It is the first time that the RIAA have launched a lawsuit against iMesh.

    The RIAA said they were doing this "IMesh's recent conduct and public statements make clear that its goal is to encourage illegal behaviour. This action is timed to make clear that there is no free pass for those who centre their activity around, and profit from, copyright infringement".

    Given the legal precedent in the Grokster/StreamCast summary judgement iMesh told CNet that "we intend to respond appropriately, and to win this case on merit".

    iMesh now uses the FastTrack network while maintaining its own network at the same time. The RIAA have previously expanded the number of people they were suing in the FastTrack case (MGM V Grokster). One clear omission was iMesh. It is thought by some that the company’s location in Israel may have discouraged the RIAA to peruse legal action earlier.

    iMesh are the latest in a series of p2p companies to be sued by the RIAA. They include those behind Napster, Morpheus, Kazaa, AudioGalaxy, Aimster/Madster, Grokster, Scour and several others. The strategy employed by the RIAA had been shifting away from suing p2p networks to going after individual file sharers. This lawsuit is certainly designed to tell p2p operators that the RIAA haven’t finished yet.

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    Originally posted by December 2003 - 09:09
    September 20, 2003
    ur e-mail piling up?
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    Mr. Blunt's Avatar n00b
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    Jul 2003
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    Thanks for the....uhh....update?

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@20 December 2003 - 22:30
    Wizz: can you tell me - cause I am confuses as Imesh should connect also to Fasttrack (after when I have runnin Imesh and K++ at once the one client must find the files the other shares? right? cause it did not work!

    => That shows me that Imesh cannot connect to same K++ Network And on slyck it is mentioned - but in the right window where statistic numbers are presented Imesh and Fasttrack are seperated.

    So, I am confused.

    pilling up? not working email? I have only a Filter.


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