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Thread: Movies Won't Play

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    I downloaded several movies. I had already installed several codec packs. Some movies play; most do not. I reviewed the posts on this site and it looked like the solution was to install KLite codec pack 2.20. I indtalled 2,20 But movies still will not play. I used Media Player and also tried several other players. I used Gspot and rendered one film. Answer came back thet Direct Show will play this one movie. Can anyone help? I am using Windows XP Home

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    lots of fakes?
    if it doesn't play in videolan its most likely a fake

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    Thanks for your help. I downloaded and installed VideoLan but the movies still don't work. So I should assume that they are fake. Thanks again.

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    You might find it helpful to preview the files once you have 4-5 Mb downloaded. Of course, you can't do that if you're getting files from BitTorrent but it works well with files from Kazzaa. I know that I have found many fakes before I wasted a lot of time with the download. I also suggest getting DivX for a player. That seems to work well with most files. Also, get the Xvid codec. :clover:

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    bittorrent doesn't have fakes well .001 compared to the fakes on the fasttrack network, but fear not if your really paranoid you can preview bittorrent movies if they're bins with videolan

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    Again, thanks for help. I am now using AVI Preview and Video Lan for previewing a movie as it downloads. It's surprising how many movies don't play. Are these just fakes. If so, why do people waste the time to post so many fakes. It seems that the unusable movies are usually the newest ones.
    When using AVI Preview and Video Lan, do the corrrect codecs have to be installed in order to preview.

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    First, I think VideoLan is the superior program. It plays everything. I've also had problems using AVIpreview. Second, have you tried to get a verified frile size from one of the better sources (i.e.- BitTorrent, Suprnova, etc.) or are you just searching on Kazaa? If you're just searching on Kazaa, you're going to have to ksss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. Another good souorce to obtain correct file sizes is


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