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Thread: Klite Vs. Diet K

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    I am using KLite, version 2.4.3, and just installed DietK because the UpDat area siad I needed that for Sig2Dat. When DietK installs, it tells me that I should remove a program called P2P Networking because I don't need it and it slows my pc. I guess I have 2 questions. First, so I need both DietK and Klite? Second, when I try to remove the P2P program, I get an error message telling me that I do not have admin rights. How do I remove this program?

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    wot is diet kazaa?
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    I don't think you really need DietK along with Kazaa Lite. K-Lite does pretty good by itself.

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    Thanks! I just wanted to make sure one didn't offer something the other doesn't.

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    The current ver. of K-Lite in development includes Diet K

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