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Thread: Overnet

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    dudevenezuela's Avatar VIP
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    May 2003
    I just downloaded it and i want to know what you think of Overnet?? is made by same ppl of edonkey

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    Sep 2003

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    kAb's Avatar Poster
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    Dec 2002
    i didn't really like it. i tried it, and the speeds weren't different than emule. the banner gets annoying. the interface sucks, and it is not user-friendly.

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    I don't know why but i get the same speeds like with the K-Lite . btw on andr is a crack already to get rid of the banners.

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    same as sharedholder i get fast speeds with this

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    May 2003
    overnet does a much better job in search and speed than emule or edonkey

    i have all three, if you search the same file on all three you will find better results with edonkey and overnet, but overnet will give you better speed on the download and its easier to config


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