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Thread: How To Separate Dat Folder

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    Maybe i am just a dummass, but playing with registry keys did not solve my problem:

    I want that dat files were located in one folder, but destination folder for each of the files (stored in dat files tag) were another folder. so that i wouldn't have to move files manually every time they are completed.

    Don't worry, leech-haters --- this is not about auto-unsharing completed files. i share all folders with fresh stuff. but i don't like mess when dat files and complete files are mixed in one folder.

    anybody knows the cure?

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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    Is the auto file mover by ADSL Predator any good for solving this problem?

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  4. File Sharing   -   #3
    Originally posted by davewilk@18 February 2003 - 01:10
    Is the auto file mover by ADSL Predator any good for solving this problem?

    Thread Here
    thanks dave
    however that tool doesn't seem more advanced than ptrack. it's still sorting by filename extension and keywords. and i would like sorting by media type...
    i posted this in the thread cited above, but here is it once again:

    how can i move all type of movies into one folder? there are dozens of video extensions, and of some of those i may be unaware at all.
    divx mpg mpeg avi mov rm ram ... ... ...
    the same prob with pictures
    fortunately among audio files only mp3 and wma are popular enough. however, ppl try to promote ogg and other formats. also don't forget that mpeg file can be actually an AUDIO file. so filtering by extension doesn't seems to solve all problems... sorting is still pain in the ass.


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