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Thread: How Do I Change The Slots Opened In Dc++

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    Hi pple,
    how do i change the slots opened in DC++...
    my dialog box screen is small, so I cant access the slots opened part in sharing..
    so even though I'm sharing 6++GIGS, no use...

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    Apr 2003
    settings : sharing : slots

    but that box cant be that small as when i open it , it takes up half of my screen and i have a 19 inch monitor but even witha 15 inch monitor u should be able to change the slots . just use the up and down files to change your slots
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    or type this command in some random hub mainchat:
    /slots <#>
    = Changes number of slots to <#>
    just replace # with the number of slots you want to open

    and next time read dc++ readme under help menu

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    General tip for all windows programs.

    If a dialog box is too small, temporarily drop down the screen resolution.
    eg from screen resolution 1024x768 to 800x600.
    The dialog box will then be "bigger", allowing easier control.
    When you&#39;ve made your change, you can change the resolution back.
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