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Thread: Winamp As The Default Media Player

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    I Cant Stand The windows media player
    I Love and Encourage the use of Winamp 2x
    Is thre a way to make it the default Media Player?

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    I used only for mp3 files.

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    go to preferences in winamp and checkk all the media files that it should be associated with and your job done...........

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    May 2003
    all you have to do is pick one file type you want winamp open then just set it to open with winamp

    for example if you want wimamp to open mp3 files on your decktop or anywhere, right click a mp3 file>properties>here hit the "change" tab and choose winamp to open it, now hit apply, hit ok and from now on any mp3 files on your pc will be opened with winamp( now your defualt player for mp3)

    repeat that for any other file type you want to open with wimamp

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    winamp 2? i got the new winamp 5 which plays even the WMV files now and more. It definitely the best one so far. would recommend to any fan of winamp

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    i ha8 winamp.......... it slows down my computer and it crashes A LOT

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    i ha8 winamp.......... it slows down my computer and it crashes A LOT
    Get an older version or get more memory. :eek:


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