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Thread: House, Groove, Techno, Funk..... European Style

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    Does anyone know some good new tracks.... I am only interested in the english, german, belgian and of course dutch dance tracks. So give me some names if you like to respond...


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    Jun 2003
    Greenock, Scotland
    That Type Of Music Makes Me Want To Chop My Ears Off With A Broken CD So No...

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    Originally posted by stupidguy@23 December 2003 - 03:20
    That Type Of Music Makes Me Want To Chop My Ears Off With A Broken CD So No...
    Good for you man.

    No one is forcing you to listen to it

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    Except for that one guy in my apartment on the third floor, he dragged me up to his room everyday, and strapped me to a wooden chair with belts and blasted techno for two hours. I complained and got him evicted, he's really angry and last time I saw him he chased me for two blocks screaming obscenities.

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    Ever considered trying some other Belgian music ? We've got songs that don't make you wish for Armageddon too , you know...

    What's with all these people listening to "songs" that sound like two bulldozers fighting over a pint ? Djeeze , like anyone can stand to hear that - that horrendeous nonsense without being under the influence of alcohol/narcotics.

    Then again , live and let live (die?)


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