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Thread: File Won't Run!

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    I have a bandwidth problem here. I was downloading a movie for more than a week. It was almost done yesterday. I check on my comp(I had gone asleep), and it has been restarted! Then I check Kazaa and that particular movie file is missing. I looked all over, but could not find it. I used Norton Antivirus' UnErase Wizard to retrieve it. But when I copy it to My Shared Folder and start Kazaa, it won't start downloading this file!! The file then mysteriously vanishes from My Shared Folder too.
    - What happened?
    - How did the file vanish?
    - Why is it not downloading?
    - How do I get it to start downloading?
    The size of the file is 680mb.

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    Prob got corrupted and failed.I have had this happen and if you have your accelerator on it will just delete it if you have that option checked.

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    Sounds failure. That happens very often, some say there's a virus.

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    if your dat file is corrupt klite will delete it it has nothing to do with the accelerator,

    get this and try to fix and see if you can finish it


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