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Thread: Did U See Random Nut's Response To Sharman?

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    Sharman CTO Posted on Slyck on why they dont want K++ or any kazaa hacks on the network.......Then on page 2 Random Nuts Response......F@!k!!!! Sharman Got Knocked Out!!!!!!


    Sharman Vs. Random Nut

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    yeah i've seen that before. old news from september

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    a good read

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    i hadn't seen this before

    very good post by random nut

    i think i could learn a thing or two from this guy

    p.s. random nut, if you read this, thanks for the work you've done for the p2p community
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    i dont think this belongs in the devs corner

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    Very good post
    man Rn realy knows how to use word&#39;s

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    Originally posted by Sparkle1984@24 December 2003 - 14:04
    yeah i&#39;ve seen that before. old news from september
    Although it was a good article...

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    the article should be pinned

    proud to be american

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    muahahahahhaha i didnt read this before

    Originally posted by RN
    ∑ Unstable. These applications hack the software, not at the source code level, but by performing dangerous modifications, often while various values are in memory. This software crashes frequently and creates instabilities on a userís computer. Often users then try to re-install the certified Kazaa Media Desktop to find they canít because registry settings and host files have been mangled without respect for the user&#39;s PC.&nbsp;

    This is a lie, and I could sue you if you had mentioned K++ in that quote. You didn&#39;t do that because you know you&#39;re lying.
    u didnt see us comin, ah chump? Sharman i KNOW you read this forum....

    biatch we gonna get ya&#33;

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    A great article. I didnt c this before. Rn was really pissed off.

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