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Thread: End Of Movie Disappeared!

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    Hi There!

    Got a weird problem when trying to playback Moulin Rouge DIVX. Checked file when I first downloaded it and it all played perfectly in AVI-Preview, but installed latest kazzaa codec pack in order to get some other films to work and now it insists there is only 18 mins of it! They play fine though.

    Where the other hour and a half gone?? Checked using G-spot and it says its the full 2 hours long.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thankyou

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    Prob just a bug in avi preview.I wouldn't worry too much if the movie works.Did you try playing in windows media player?Or just use Video lan

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    well the movie doesnt work properly because it thinks the end of it is 18 mins in. windows media player doesnt play any of my downloaded films at all, i have to always use avipreview. ill try and get video lan see if that works. Thankyou

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    Works fine in video lan and when I play it on my kiss dvd player, thanks for the tip


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