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Thread: The Thing <-- Help!

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    I have been looking for the movie "The Thing" for over a week now, so far I only found 1 file, but if I try to download it it goes so slow that Kazaa stops downloading it (I dunno why). Is there anyone who can help me, or perhaps somebody who can share the movie?

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    i got it off emule. Check it out, theres more than one source too.

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    Were can I find this emule? I tried searching but I found 2 other movies not "The Thing"

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    Suprnova has it - u will get it in no time of there

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    yeap metrostars is right. its there.

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    Yeah MetroStars is right and I downloaded the file called:
    The Thing DivX WS Beefstew

    but now I can&#39;t open the file I need the prog for it does anyone know the prog?

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    bittorent is what you need. Check the Bittorrent subforum, its got stickies you need to read.

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    were can I download this bittorent software? I tried searching with google but I didn&#39;t find any software progs named bittorent

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    yeah ok thanks I donwloaded the software and I installed it but when I tried to run it an error menu came up (see below for the error message):

    Error [06:38 PM]
    Problem connecting to tracker - [10061, &#39;Connection refused&#39;]

    What does this mean? And what must I do now?

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