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Thread: Burning Cd's

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    Lately , whenever I try to burn a CD something plays up.
    1 -Roxio 5 basic : about half-way through (track-at-once) I get the standard "encountered an error , shutting down"-message. Half of the CD is burned and works - not good enough.
    2 WMP9 : really weird. The last song is said to be "faulty" (during the "converting" stage). When I choose to burn the rest anyway , I get a "insufficient disk space " error - What the ?

    It's not the CD's , they're the same I always use - all I know is it started after installing WinAmp. Anyone ?

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  3. Software & Hardware   -   #2
    close all other programs down when burning

  4. Software & Hardware   -   #3
    uninstall roxio
    don't use wmp
    get nero

  5. Software & Hardware   -   #4
    Problem "solved" - shut down everything that wasn't critical , then figured I'd drop the one song that seemed to be the core of the problem : Summer of '69.
    Guess what ? Burned without a problem.

    Conclusion : Nostalgia kills Roxio.

  6. Software & Hardware   -   #5
    roxio kills roxio

    should still try nero, you wont go back, esp if you have to ever burn a bin

  7. Software & Hardware   -   #6
    Might just try that. Does Nero offer more features or is it just more reliable ? It's not like I'll be burning much - just some songs , couple of old DOS games maybe...

  8. Software & Hardware   -   #7
    just both
    more features and more reliable but if you don't burn much guess it doesn't matter
    as a general rule I find people who use it don't burn allot and think its the best cause it came with there computer or cdrw bundled

  9. Software & Hardware   -   #8
    Mine came with Roxio - or I can use the one in WMP. Anyway , thanks for the help.

    Has anyone ever had the same problem (one song screwing up a CD)? Could it be a "bad" MP3 or just a weird glitch ?


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