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Thread: Is The Copy Of Kill Bill I'm Getting Legit?

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    Kill Bill Vol 1 is only being released here in South Africa in February, so I need a copy now! I'm downloading a 1.1 gig copy, but I think that it might be unedited because the script I'm reading on differs from what I'm seeing...

    So, is what I've watched so far what's in the real film (I also have a "property of Mirimax" watermark on the video)

    It starts off in B/W with the The Bride on the floor and Bill talking to her. The Bride begins to say to Bill "It's your baby" before he shoots her. When he shoots her, it goes "The 4th film by Quentin Tarantino", and the titles come up, Uma Thurman is the first name. After the titles it starts in California, with The Bride pulling up to the house, ringing the doorbell and getting in a fight with Vivicia A Foxx. The fight is brutal, but not gory violent, and when Foxx's daughter comes home and they stop fighting, they have a few cuts and bruises but no hectic violent marks.

    Vivicia gets killed by shooting at the bride through a cereal box, the bullet slams into the wall next to The Bride, and she drops her coffee mug and crane-kicks it at Vivicia, she then pulls out a knife and throws it at her chest... It's not that gory. The script I'm reading says this.

    .... The bullet explodes out of the cardboard box, and HITS
    the coffee mugh directly in front of The Bride, BLOWING IT TO


    Vernita pulls the gun out of the cereal box and FIREES

    ...The bullet HITS THE FLOOR of the tiny kitchen...

    ...The Bride moves under the kitchen table, then using her
    INTO Vernita, pinning her flat up against the table top, and
    the kitchen counter.

    While her left hand holds the table, her right hand goes to
    the SOG on her belt, her fingers wrap around the blade's
    grip, lifting it up out of the sheath and PLUNGING IT THROUGH
    THE TABLE TOP up to the handle, with all the SOG's steel
    entering Vernita's abdomen.

    The table falls back to the floor with the dying homemaker
    pinned to it. The two former colleagues meet eyes.

    Sorry, bout the bushwhack. Please

    Do to your daughter, what you did
    to mine...
    (she takes her hand)
    ...I won't.

    Is what's in the script whats in the actual thearatical release of the film, or does my copy sound like what everyone sees.

    Also, in the infamous hospital scene, there is only one guy about to rape the bride, in the script there're 2 and they have quite a lengthy discussion. In my copy you hear the guy scream and you see The Bride biting on his tongue, it then fades to black... when it fades in, her hospital gown is stained in blood and she pushes the body off of her and onto the floor. In the thearatical release, in between the fade to black and fade in, do you see any footage of her biting out his tongue, or is it left to your imagination? Is my copy the real deal or what?

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    i downloaded the script from emule a while back and it does differ to the actual film. Not surprised as some changes are bound to happen.

    The coffee cup scene in the movie, was that it didnt explode or get hit by a bullet. Vernita green missed and hit the wall to uma's left. Uma kicked the cup at vernita, and she dodged it but she wasnt looking and uma threw a knife in her chest.

    In the rape scene, there are two guys. The nurse and the person paying. It lasts quite a bit, but not long. The male nurse leaves and as the guy gets busy, uma wakes up and bites his tongue off. You dont see her doing this so its left to your imagination. Then she pushes him off onto the floor. And hides till the male nurse comes back.

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