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Thread: Whats The Problem Here!

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    everytime i try to get a file from the forums here it says that there is not enough info. to get it.

    what do i do?

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    MagicNakor's Avatar On the Peripheral
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    Nov 2002
    Do you mean "More Sources Needed?"

    It means that whichever hash you've got has very few sources, and you don't happen to be on a supernode with one of them.

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    I think he means that when he clicks on a hash, it says not enough info, this happens to me when i click on Big Mutha Truckers in the verified section

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    yeah thats what i mean

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    Nov 2003
    I had a similar problem , but weirder. On two seperate groups of hashes i could get all of the bin files , but not the cue's. I clicked on impulse so it's nopt a big deal, but unless i'm being dumb that was pretty weird.

    sorry i can't help joker
    I only licked you for the salt

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    Somebody i know had a similar problem. Reinstalling 2.4.3 seemed to fix it. (Make sure k-sig is selected)


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