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Thread: What The Hell To Do With All These Files!

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    I'm frigging confused like shit I downed Mystic River Screener off IRC it was a tar file

    now Ive extracted it and got about 40 different other tar files inside it wtf????

    what the hell do I do how do I play the dam movie!!

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  3. Movies & TV   -   #2
    these are all the files which are in the stv note file

    ; sfv raped by zipscript-c on the mighty ,AS'


    obs-mra.r00 cd721288

    obs-mra.r01 0e5f699e

    obs-mra.r02 99d2ddcc

    obs-mra.r03 3fd81666

    obs-mra.r04 a188cda7

    obs-mra.r05 41df9eb6

    obs-mra.r06 06c82a4e

    obs-mra.r07 a6344b1b

    obs-mra.r08 f3ca9c6e

    obs-mra.r09 9b6aff45

    obs-mra.r10 2a9b29b3

    obs-mra.r11 d661c573

    obs-mra.r12 beccd69b

    obs-mra.r13 cf737868

    obs-mra.r14 6ae87689

    obs-mra.r15 c67f44f0

    obs-mra.r16 a7016ae4

    obs-mra.r17 3e08e2e4

    obs-mra.r18 7aa384ce

    obs-mra.r19 f9e33b24

    obs-mra.r20 f131afd4

    obs-mra.r21 3e061ef5

    obs-mra.r22 f4bf99c8

    obs-mra.r23 4f7c5090

    obs-mra.r24 e545a0ba

    obs-mra.r25 41e6745e

    obs-mra.r26 c6f47ae8

    obs-mra.r27 7816857a

    obs-mra.r28 96823622

    obs-mra.r29 956ee75e

    obs-mra.r30 57afb651

    obs-mra.r31 b9199981

    obs-mra.r32 cc7610e4

    obs-mra.r33 3ce9c74e

    obs-mra.r34 7695ec99

    obs-mra.r35 00b0e381

    obs-mra.r36 3b1069f9

    obs-mra.r37 db04cda6

    obs-mra.r38 f81edb65

    obs-mra.r39 2ff39118

    obs-mra.r40 ecbc921a

    obs-mra.r41 50593b6f

    obs-mra.r42 8a8e0041

    obs-mra.r43 044fc267

    obs-mra.r44 29536208

    obs-mra.r45 80b9c7f1

    obs-mra.r46 8e4f99dc

    obs-mra.r47 54c6a4bc

    obs-mra.r48 09ed605e

    obs-mra.r49 d81832a8

    obs-mra.r50 1bb4bed6

    obs-mra.r51 bb033f5c

    obs-mra.r52 8a5549c5

    obs-mra.r53 2f0a7ba1

    obs-mra.r54 bd48ed3d

    obs-mra.rar dfa4b5d0

    so what the hell do I do???

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    These are compressed files just like zip files. Get a copy of WinRAR and unzip the RAR file, which will extract all the files.

  5. Movies & TV   -   #4
    yes I know that by why are there 54 cue and bin files for 1 CD1 for a movie???

  6. Movies & TV   -   #5
    wait a minute I'm confused to fuck here say I extract the first file and it gives me a 800 meg bin file and cue when the tar was 14 meg there are about 50 odd files that are all 14 meg

  7. Movies & TV   -   #6
    Thats all part of the movie.Bin cue files either burn to cd or burn an image to your hardrive.

  8. Movies & TV   -   #7
    I rar files up like this to send thru messenger, just imagine being on dialup (I am not) and downloading a file from your friend getting about 10 or 20% of a 700mb file completed just to be kicked after 4 or so hours, and having to start that download all over (from 0%) again. It does suck too, I used to have dialup, some sites and file transfers do not support resume - 20% of a file - get kicked 0% of a file

    Edit: You do know what to do with the bin/cue correct, or is that whats confusing you

  9. Movies & TV   -   #8
    there 54 cue and bin files for 1 CD1 for a movie???
    That's because they are compressed(aka↔smaller).THey are easier to download and faster when they are compressed.Go Here it explains it.

  10. Movies & TV   -   #9
    I know what to do with the bin and Que file I just want to burn the whole dam thing on 1 disk not frigging 54 disks

    so what your saying is I extract any of them burn it and the whole dam image of it completely Will come up??

  11. Movies & TV   -   #10
    There is only 1 image file and one cue file.

    obs-mra.r00 cd721288 is 1 out of 54 parts.
    obs-mra.r01 0e5f699e is the 2nd part of the 54 parts.

    You need all of these parts to get it extracted. They have to be in the same folder too. Get winrar or something and just extract it once.
    There are not 54 bins and cue files, only one. An extract on one archived file will extract from the other parts making up the whole file in the process.

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