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Thread: Can't Get Alot Of Peoples File Lists?

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    90% the problem will be you are both set to passive mode, so go to files, settings and choose active instead of passive and it will clear it up in most cases.

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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    90% of the problem is that people block it from happening

  4. File Sharing   -   #3
    and the size of file list does not depend on share size, it depends on how many files do you share, for example if somebody shares 700mb movie, then his file list must only describe the properties of this single movie, but if somebody is sharing 100mb and in his share are only small 0,1kb files then his file list must describe the properties of about 1000 different files, so his file list contains much more information and is much larger even if his actual share size is smaller.
    and few more details:
    * DC++ supports uploading filelists and files <16 kB to other DC++ users
    WITHOUT REQUIRING A SLOT. There&#39;s a max of 3 connections in addition to
    normal slots.
    * Files <16 kB and filelists are downloaded first.
    so if your passive or active settings are correct and both of you are using dc++ then you must be able to dl file lists, if not, even after few minutes, he must be using some upload blocker or somthing like that.


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