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Thread: Need Help!

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    Nov 2003
    I just got my com fixed by the computer store where i bought it, but now the usb ports won't work at all. I think they might have been disabled at the bios section, but the person has put a password there and there is no way i can get there so i was just wondering if there are any programs or anything that you can get rid off it.

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    you might not have the drivers for the usb ports so go

    control panel
    device manager

    if you see any RED X's next to any of the devices i.e. modem, harddrive,monitor and so on that means that those devices have been disabled. if this is the case for your usb device the you can put you mouse over it and right click over it then you will see another menu and you can enable it.

    if on the other hand you see a YELLOW Exclamation mark then that means that you haven't got the right driver for that said device to work properly. So you have to find out the make of the device that you want the driver for and go on the web and find the manufacturers web page and Download the driver that you need.

    but if you are using win XP then you should be alright because XP comes with a load of drivers with the program

    if you got a bios password then you can

    turn off the PC
    open it up
    and on the motherboard (main electronic board that all the other bits are connected to ) there is a little battery on it remove it for five min and put it back on the motherboard and turn pc on
    you should now be able to acces the bios menu

    if this dosen't work then give us so more infomation about your situation

    or go back to the store

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    I tried the battery thing but i have no clue where it is, i keep on searching but i can't find it. Is the battery small or large, what's the color of it and where on the motherboard is located.

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    its little siver disc - lika watch battery only bigger

    CR2022 or something like printed on it


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