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Thread: Steam!

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    I have the ORIGINAL CD KEY of HALF-LIFE yet someone has taken it from me!
    There was an update of the game a few weeks ago and now I'm banned!! I did not share the key with ANYONE, After talking BY PHONE with Steam they said that they can't help me and that I need to buy the game AGAIN! I dont have the money to spend on a game and anyway the game is no where to be found. I searched countless shops!!! I have an old P3 400Mhz this is one of a few, what like 5 games? that actualy WORK. Please I'm only asking if anyone could help me out... If possible...
    Thanks to anyone that is reading this!

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    still dunno WHAT you want us to do..... u didnt write precise info...

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    I know you cant talk about them here but where can I find a umm... *whispers* cdkey?

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    search on kazaa u fill find a lot.

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    Then read this.

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    Originally posted by ashan@29 December 2003 - 17:30
    I know you cant talk about them here
    So why did you post this?



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