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Thread: Dlink's Solution To Di-624 Router Low Id Problem

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    I'm in the market for a router ..

    I was looking at the DI-624 router but a few people claim to have problems setting it up to run with E-Mule ... but it currently has the fastest speeds and the best compatibility with 802.11b/g ... throughput and range ..

    I looked at the company's support website and they have FAQs which tell how to configure it to run with both EDonkey and Emule? Look here for Emule and here for EDonkey...

    I'm not sure how effective these are ... but it's probably worth a shot ..

    Does anyone here have problems with the DI-624 and Emule? I'm thinking of buying this router .... but I won't if it doesn't work with Emule ... If DLink's suggestions work for anyone here, plz let me know ...

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    i have problem with my D-link DSL-504 , anybd know how to open rite ports 4 this one plz?

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    I have the same problem with the dlink dsl 504 if anyone has any info email me @


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    the best place to ask about modem problems would be
    It's an Australian site, It and Isp people visit it, one of the best.


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