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Thread: Divx/mpeg4 Standalone Player!

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    I just thought I'd let you know about a DVD player I bought today. It's a Medion 7457 which is available from ALDI - I bought mine in Spain. Medion put their label on products made by well known manufacturers and sell them exclusively through ALDI.

    This machine is what I've been waiting for!! It supports MPEG 4 and divX!! So now I can watch my .avi movie discs on tv instead of the pc! ( I don't do VCD! )

    I've seen the KISS divX/DVD player advertised for £99.00 in the UK.. I've also seen a Philips machine over here for 199.00 Euros. But this Medion cost just 75.00 Euros (£55) brand new c/w remote!

    I've tested both Xvid and divX discs on it and they all play fine!

    It supports DVD/DVD+R/-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/MPEG 4/DivX4&5.X/SVCD/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW/WMA/PHOTO/CD AUDIO-CD. It has a built in AC3 decoder and has optical/co-axial outputs for sound.

    MPEG 4 technical details:

    Resolution:720 x 480 @ 30 fps; 720 x 576@

    Bit rate: 4000kbps; Peak max. 10000 kpbs;MPEG 4 ASP level 5

    (Also posted in Hardware World)

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    Can u just put the avi's and divx files right on to the disc in no particular order and watch em or do u need to use a particular format the way u have to burn an mpeg file in an (s)vcd format to use in most dvd players?

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    You can put them on a disc in any order and the player then gives you an alphabetical menu to scroll down.

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    Fucking hell mate , you havent been around for a while.

    I 've been thinking of getting something like the kiss for xvid for months.Or go for a med-high end dvd player to match my tv....I still cant decide.

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    KiSS DP-1500

    Ethernet/Wireless and optional 40/80GB HDD

    KiSS DP-1500 series divide itself into three categories, DP-1500, DP-1504 and DP-1508. All of them based on the Slim Line DivX® Compatible DVD Player KiSS DP-1000, these three players have also a built-in Ethernet Port and a PC Card Slot, enabling them, if connected to a Broadband Internet Connection to read Audio/Video/Picture content straight from a PC with the KiSS PC-Link Software as well as playing Internet Radio Station with WebRadio. The PC Card Slot also adds a new feature to this player, enabling it with Wireless Connection, KiSS provides the Access Point and PC Card (IEEE 802.11b) as extra accessories. The difference between these players resides in the optional Hard Disk where the KiSS DP-1500 doesn’t come with any, the KiSS DP-1504 comes with a 40GB Hard Disk and the KiSS DP-1508 comes with a 80GB Hard Disk. Having a hard Disk on the player will enable the user to store Audio/Video/Picture content on the DVD Player, up to 58 good quality DivX® Films for the KiSS DP-1504 and up to 117 good quality DivX® Films for the KiSS DP-1508. The KiSS DP-1500 series also comes complete with the standard CD/MP3, Ogg Vorbis, DivX®, XviD, CD-RW and DVD+-RW playback.


    • Full DVD/MPEG-4/DivX®/XviD/CD/MP3/Ogg Vorbis/CD-RW/DVD+-RW compatibility
    • JPEG Picture CD viewing
    • Progressive Scan Video Out
    • Time Search
    • Playback Control: Play/Pause/Stop/FF/RW/NEXT/PREV
    • Repeat Playback
    • Slow Motion
    • Title/chapter select
    • Parental lock, Multi Language, Multi Subtitle, Multi Angle
    • Remote Control
    • TV Type (PAL and NTSC)
    • Configuration Setup Menu
    • Aspect Ratio (4:3 Pan and Scan, 4:3 Letter Box and 16:9 Wide)
    • S-Video Output
    • Composite Video Output
    • Component Output
    • Dolby Digital, MPEG Audio Decoding
    • Dolby Digital/MPEG 5.1 Digital Output
    • S/PDIF Outputs
    • Analogue stereo
    • Ethernet 10/100
    • PC Card Slot for Wireless Connection
    • PC Card and Access Point are extra accessories
    • WebRadio/KiSS PC-Link
    • KiSS PC-Link Software for PC
    • 40GB Hard Disk (KiSS DP-1504 only)
    • 80GB Hard Disk (KiSS DP-1508 only)

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    I moved and lost my adsl connection - so haven't been on Kazza L or the forum much of late. This machine is the dogs - might be worth trying ALDI Uk to see if they will be stocking them. It's got a great spec for such a low price.

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    Nice machine {I} {K} {E}. Nice price @ £300 for the 40gb version!!

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    Originally posted by Crackedup@30 December 2003 - 20:19
    Nice machine {I} {K} {E}. Nice price @ £300 for the 40gb version!!
    Me is waiting for a new version,

    I hope they will release one that will support subtitle files like .srt

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    i might get this one

    Lite On all media player

    Latest version which support Divx 3.11/Divx 4.0/Divx 5.0/Xvid
    Region Free for playback of any region DVD movie from zones 1-6.
    Plays Pal 16:9 Anamorphic discs on an NTSC TV without the "squeeze effect"
    Automatic Dual voltage for USA and Europe/Asia/etc110v-240v (No External Power Converter Required)
    VCR Friendly
    Progressive Scan (480P)
    Plays DVD, VCD, SVCD, Audio CD, MP3, Kodak Picture CDs, JPEG CDs, Photo VCD, WMA, AVI
    and MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4 files.
    Compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW Discs
    Standard and wide screen TV formats- 16X9, 4X3 Letter Box, 4X3 Pan & Scan
    Play a PAL movie on a NTSC TV or Play a NTSC movie on a PAL TV
    1 Year Manufacture Warranty

    10-bit/27MHz Video DAC
    480p Progressive Scan Video Output with 3-2 Pull down Recovery
    480i scalable to 480p
    MEPG4(DivX Ver 3.11, 4,5 and Xvid)/MPEG1/MPEG2/VCD/MPG Playback Capability
    Digital Photo Browser (Photo VCD Compatible)
    Direct Memory Card Playback On TV
    Component Video Output
    NTSC/PAL TV System Compatible

    Music CD/MP3/WMA Playback Capability
    24-bit /192kHz Audio
    Dolby Digital (Dolby AC-3) and DTS Digital Outputs

    Convenience Features:
    DVD Video/Picture Zoom In Function
    Still Image 4 way Rotation
    Digital Still/Step Play (Forward/Reverse, Field or Frame)
    Multi-Language (English / Traditional Chinese / Simplify Chinese / German)

    Component Video (Y, Cb/Pb, Cr,/Pr) Output x 1
    S-Video Output x 1
    Composite Video Output x 1
    Digital Coaxial Output x 1
    Digital Optical Output x 1
    Analog Output x 1

    Dimensions and Weight
    Power: Auto switching voltage supply between 100-240 Volts, 18watts power consumption
    Weight: 3.5 KG
    Dimensions: 420mm X 58MM X 270MM
    1 Year Manufacture Warranty
    LiteOn LVD-2002 DVD Player
    Full Function Remote Control
    Composite AV Cable
    AAA Battery x 2

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    is it updateble? for exampe when new DIVX version will be released?

    (KISS player has this )

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