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    My internet connectionn (dial-up) starts uploading immediately after everytime I connect. This strangles the download and i find myself downloading at speeds of about 0.01 and if i'm lucky 0.02k/sec viewing webpages is almost impossible and leaves me frustrated. In about 5 min 1mb is uploaded from me and it keeps going. Nobody is downloading and this even happens when I am not running kazaa. What's goin on? I have no idea. Is it something to do with a virus message i got the other day of a virus called speedy.scr? Has anybody heard of this and what does it do? I would very much appreciate any help anybody has to offer as I am kind disabled here not being able to find out much on my own with the internet being near inoperable for me. Thanks


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    did it get rid of it
    update your definitions and start in safe mode and run your av again


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